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Why the Internet is slowly strangling religion
Jesus hates gays, loves beacon...apparently
"Evolution" Results in Scientific American Magazine
View of religion, economics flawed
Why Aren't More Americans Atheists?
North Carolina Christian School Fourth Grade Science Quiz
How many people of different faiths do you know? by Pew Research, July 2014
A Reflection on the Bill Nye–Ken Ham Debate by John Patterson
Hollywood finds religion and profits at theaters
What kind of God did Shakespeare believe in?
Atheists unveil Fla monument near Ten Commandments
Master of the Universe Stephen Hawking, Episode 1, Sept 2013
Master of the Universe Stephen Hawking, Episode 2, Oct 2013
Pope says " Who am I to judge?"
Derren Brown - How To Convert An Atheist
Sarah Palin Has a Lump of Coal For Atheists
George W. Bush to Address Jews for Jesus
Ancient Confession Found: 'We Invented Jesus Christ'
Why Al Gore is Opitimistic about Stopping Global Warming
Religion Hurts Humanity, Episode 9, July-August 2013
Here Comes the Atheist Assembly...like church but no god
Church without God - by Design
Bill Maher's History of Anti-Catholicism, 1998-2013
“Surgical Volunteers International” SaddleBrooke Freethinkers
U.N. told atheists face discrimination around globe
ALEC Exposed 1     ALEC Exposed 2

Blasphemy Day International
Alexander Aan: Both a Symbol & a Real Person
Christian Copt to face a trial in Egypt for Blasphemy
Christian mother of five sentenced to death for...
Michael Nugent on OSCE and spread of blasphemy laws
Pakistani girl may be killed for blasphemy

Latest from Humanist Network News
The Atheist Protocols of the Learned Elders of Earth
Introduction to the Cargo Cult
Humanist Hour on Bad Religion and Other Humanist News
What do Muslims really think?
Rethinking His Religion
Replacing Religion with Science
not just a theory.com
Alan Alda Quotes
How Corrosive Is College to Religious Faith and Practice?
Dismissal of Atheist's Harassment Claim
Declare War on Hell
Faith is Just Opinion
God Speaks.com
Santorum's stone-age view of women
Tarek Fatah Talk at ideacity 2011
Israeli professor to speak at JCC on Arab Spring, ISIS
The Gilbert school board voted in favor of making changes to a textbook used in honors biology classes. Click here to see offending page..
Does the military have a problem with Jesus? A Fox News Report

The Results Are In: America Is Dumb and on the Road to Getting Dumber

Sliding Rocks on Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park: First Observation of Rocks in Motion

Religion & Public Life - Research Findings by Pew Research Center
Atheists Classified As Terrorists Under New Saudi Arabian Laws
After Hobby Lobby, a nonprofit legal challenge to the contraception requirement
How Americans Feel About Religious Groups by Pew Research, July 2014
Seven Years of Achievements: Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)
Obama recognizes non-believers in 'Religious Freedom Day' proclamation
Bill Nye, The Science Guy, to debate evolution at Kentucky's Creation Museum
The American Humanist Association yesterday launched Freethought Equality Fund, a new political action committee (PAC) for nonbelievers.
Richard Dawkins Foundation, Secular Coalition Leadership Announce Partnership
Atheist group unveils monument in Fla. near ten commandments
My Jimmies Remain Rustled: Wonket Teen Korner For Teenz, Religion Edition  
Freethought of the Day: Birthdays of Elizabeth C Stanton & Auguste Rodin
Do Not Bow Your Heads. Arizona State House Chamber, May 21, 2013
Chuck Norris: A Bar of Soap and a Box of Rocks by Mikey Weinstein, Esq, MRFF
For God and Country: Religious Fundamentalism in the U.S. Military (CFI Advocacy)

Arizona Students Must Swear Loyalty To God In Order To Graduate

More Young People Are Moving Away From Religion, But Why? - NPR Special Series on Losing Our Religion
A Jefferson Bible for the Twenty-first Century is being offered by the Humanist Press. Paperback or eBook.
Human Rights Campaign (HRC) publishes Buying for Workplace Equality 2013. Click here to view.
Evolution Made Clear for Kids in "Pepper's Special Wings"
Kids without God, You're not the only one.

Religious Groups Spend Millions to Kill Suicide Question in Massachusetts

Suicide with Inert Gases: Addendum to Final Exit

Eight Countries Where Atheism Is Accepted, Even Celebrated, Instead of Demonized
Nearly half of the countries in the world (47%) have laws or policies that penalize blasphemy, apostasy or defamation. See full report.
My Day at the 'America for Jesus' Rally - Shaun Patrick McGonigal
In Ill Doctor, a Surprise Reflection of Who Picks Assisted Suicide
Secular Student Alliance Annual 2012 Conference - 300 Attendees from 100 Schools!
Child Abuse: Toddler Sings "Ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven".
Phillip Appleman, Poet, on Bill Moyers - God, Darwin and the Meaning of Life
Hodges now leary of Jindal reform (R Reprsentative-Watson, Lousiana)
Gallup Poll: Atheists, Muslims See Most Bias as Presidential Candidates;Two-thirds would vote for gay or lesbian
Best Christopher Hitchens Quotes
2012 AAA Convention in Colorado
9 Great Freethinkers and Religious Dissenters in History; Here are some non-believers who left a profound mark.
Norway gets all secular, cuts ties with state-run church
More News About Edwina Rogers, New Executive Director of Secular Coalition for America
Reason Rally is a coming out party for the secular movement
Special FreeThought Arizona Page for links to the Reason Rally news
Jessica Ahlquist, Teenage Atheist, Wins Case To...
Huffington Post     New York Times     Center for Inquiry
What one Baptist church says about atheists and how to report them to the FBI - 300 of them in the US!
Gay marriage: N.J. Assembly approves measure, Christie vows veto
Listen to Kurt Vonnegut's 1992 speech when accepting the American Humanist Association Humanist of the Year Award. "Why My Dog is Not a Humanist"
Center for Inquiry Offers Online Classes - "Practical Humanism" Starts March 1, 2012

Section II includes older links; some may not be available. Advise the webmaster, and they will be removed. If you have news about belief, faith, religion, agnosticism, atheism, civil liberties, secularism, human rights, religion and politics, or any subject you believe will be of interest to our organization, please share. Send it to FreeThought Arizona Webmaster. Please include source and/or link address. Thank you.

Section II
The Nature of Existence Trailer Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got
We Are Atheism. It's OK to be an atheist. A Secular Society Worth Saving: The Role of Religion and Secularism in Public Policy with Richard Dawkins and Others
Will 2012 Be the Year of the Atheist? 10 Ways Right-Wing Christian Groups Will Likely Shove Religion Down Your Throat This Year

The Death of Christopher Hitchens

USA TODAY: Topography of Faith. In what states do the unaffiliated, Christians, and other Religionists Live?
Atheist messages displace CA park nativity scenes Shocking Attacks on Atheism -- And How Atheists Fought Back

Americans: Undecided About God? NY Times

Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got
Short Interview with Andy Rooney and More Study Explores Distrust Of Atheists By Believers, Huffington Post Religion Section
When Will Atheism Prevail Over Religion? Secular Invocations for the Holidays
Do Gay Rights Violate Religious Freedom?

Phoenix and Tucson nontheists come ‘Out of the Closet’ in FFRF billboard blitz
(Dr Stephen Uhl, author of Out of God's Closet, and His Wife, Diane Uhl, Leading the Way in Tucson)

How Candidates Manipulate Religion Student Sues Teacher over Comments Regarding Creationism
United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit - Conclusion Published 8/19/2011
Senator Sinema to Receive Award from CFI Tell President Obama Federally Funded Discrimination by Faith-Based Organizations Must End Now!
Canada, Judges and Religion An Open Letter to James Van Praagh, c/o Spiritual Horizons, Inc, from James Randi Educational Foundation
Interview with Richard Dawkins Religion in the Public Schools:
A Road Map for Avoiding Lawsuits and Respecting Parents’ Legal Rights
Letter from Dawkins to His 10 Year Old Daughter Want to know what Arizona board and commission positions are available?

It's 2011 -- Why Is God Still Involved In American Politics?

If you have news about belief, faith, religion, agnosticism, atheism, civil liberties, secularism, human rights, religion and politics, or any subject you believe will be of interest to our organization, please share. Send it to FreeThought Arizona Webmaster. Please include source and/or link address. Thank you.